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Our Artisans

The Heart and Soul of Shilpkar Design Studio

At Shilpkar Design Studio, we firmly believe that true artistry resides not just in the final creation but also in the hands and hearts that breathe life into it. Our local artisans form the very essence of our studio, and it’s their exceptional craftsmanship that bestows each sculpture with a unique soul.


The Pillars of Local Artistry

Our journey has been intricately intertwined with the gifted artisans hailing from our local community. We have steadfastly upheld our commitment to nurturing local talent and preserving the time-honored tradition of marble sculpting. These artisans bring with them centuries of accumulated skill and wisdom, ensuring that every sculpture emerging from their hands is not just an object but a living, breathing work of art, rich with narrative.


Empowering Artisans Post-Lockdown Challenges

The global COVID-19 lockdown unleashed unparalleled challenges upon communities worldwide, including our cherished artisans. However, we perceived an opportunity not only to weather the tempest but also to bolster our artisans and facilitate their prosperity amidst these trying times.

Shilpkar Design Studio embarked on an array of initiatives and projects designed to provide gainful employment opportunities for our artisans precisely when they needed it most. We have an unshakable belief in the resilience and potential of our artisans, and we regarded the lockdown as an opening to further empower them. Through skill enhancement programs, capacity augmentation, and collaborative ventures, we ensured that our artisans received the essential support and avenues necessary to sustain their livelihoods.


Our Artisans: An Extension of Our Family

Through the years, our bonds with our artisans have deepened profoundly. They are not merely skilled craftsmen; they have seamlessly become an integral facet of our extended Shilpkar family. We take immense pride in forging personal connections with each artisan, listening to their life stories, and comprehending the fervor that fuels their artistic pursuits.

Our associations with our artisans transcend the conventional boundaries of commerce; they are founded upon pillars of trust, respect, and shared aspirations. Together, we have traversed and thrived on this remarkable journey, sculpting not only objects of beauty but also profound testaments to the unwavering dedication and peerless artistry of our artisans.

As we persist in our collaboration and artistic endeavors, our commitment endures to ensure that our artisans receive fair remuneration, labor in secure and conducive environments, and enjoy avenues for personal and professional enrichment. We are not mere collaborators in artistry; we are, indeed, companions in life, and collectively, we shape the very destiny of Shilpkar Design Studio.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of our artisans, thereby becoming an indispensable part of our extended family. Your admiration and patronage stand as beacons, illuminating the legacy of marble sculpting and perpetuating the radiant flame of creativity in our local community.

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