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About Shilpkar Design Studio

About Shilpkar

Shilpkar Design Studio represents the harmonious fusion of a deep-seated passion for art, a profound respect for tradition, and an unwavering commitment to crafting enduring beauty from the finest marble. Founded by Sejal kataria, an interior designer distinguished by an unyielding pursuit of excellence, Shilpkar serves as a homage to the time-honored craft of marble sculpting. Within its walls, the past and the present coalesce to breathe life into sculptures that not only adorn spaces but also narrate stories transcending generations.

Our Offerings

At Shilpkar Design Studio, we transcend the role of mere creators of marble sculptures; we are, in essence, curators of beauty, elegance, and inspiration. Our collections are meticulously curated to cater to the discerning tastes of connoisseurs.

God Sculptures

Our God Sculptures pay reverence to spiritual traditions from across the world. Each piece represents a masterpiece of devotion, radiating tranquility and spiritual essence, thereby bringing a touch of the divine into your sacred spaces.

Mystic Creatures

Embark upon a journey into the realm of fantasy and wonder through our Mystic Creatures collection. From mythical dragons to enchanting mermaids, these sculptures ignite the flames of imagination and beckon you to explore the enigmatic. Ideal for those who hold a special place for the mystical and fantastical in their hearts.

Abstract Sculptures

Our Abstract Sculptures challenge the conventional boundaries of art, inviting contemplation and interpretation. These pieces are designed to engage the viewer on a personal level, making them a perfect choice for those seeking to infuse contemporary sophistication into their living spaces.

Our Journey – The Visionary's Perspective

The inception of Shilpkar Design Studio was rooted in a profound love for art and design. As an interior designer, I have always upheld the transformative power of art in creating emotional connections within spaces. The journey commenced with a simple yet profound idea – the amalgamation of the ancient craft of marble sculpting with modern design sensibilities.

Every sculpture crafted at Shilpkar is a testament to this vision. It represents the seamless union of tradition and innovation, a celebration of the enduring artistic spirit that transcends time. Leading a team of highly skilled artisans, I take immense pride in witnessing them breathe life into the marble, shaping it into exquisite pieces that epitomize our commitment to artistry and craftsmanship.

Exceptional Quality

We leave no stone unturned in sourcing only the most exquisite marble, ensuring that our sculptures not only captivate the eye but also stand as timeless testaments to enduring beauty.


Just as every space is unique, so too should your art be. Collaborate with us to create bespoke marble sculptures meticulously tailored to your vision.


Our artisans are more than craftsmen; they are artists who infuse their passion into every piece, resulting in sculptures that genuinely exemplify the pinnacle of artistic mastery.

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